Warm Colors In Winter Paintings

If I am not painting I am looking at paintings or thinking about paintings.  I rally think about my craft a lot. It is one of my pleasant past times and a passions.  I love snow paintings because of the high contrast between lights and darks but not everyone agrees.  I do a lot of art fairs which gives me the opportunity to hear feedback.  If a wSpring Thaw InTe Aspem Grove 14x16inter painting doesn’t have warm colors, the people jsut walk on by.  However when I introduce warm colors in a winter landscape (such as the painting pictured here) collectors stop and admire.   I recently sold two winter landscapes in Las Cruces NM.  It goes to show that people who live in warm desert environments will buy winter landscapes.  Go figur!  This week I uploaded three new framed paintings on the website.  To find out more about this painting and more click here.