Time to do a Vacation 8-5-16

This morning I was reminiscing with my wife Jennifer about being a kid and having a summer break from school.  Those vacations lasted for almost three months.  I was able to completely forget about  school and the dreaded routine that went along with it.  I never out grew the joy of being un-plugged and changing the routine.   As an adult the duration of the break is shorter, but changing the routine is what it is all about.  I am so looking forward to getting away with Jennifer and doing a road trip with Ruby (the trailer).  Next weekend we are going to Ridgeway for the art fair and then to wander western Colorado seeing the sights.  We could sit down and figure out our agenda or on the other hand, we may not.  Whats wrong with waking up each morning and deciding to stay or move on to the next place?  Sounds like fun.

images-30  IMG_6155

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