The Lesson of Moving ON

Getting hung up in a painting is a common occurrence.  Many time I see my students dabbing away with their paint brush causing a flat gray look.  There is something to say about knowing when to move on.  I learned an important lesson from my dad.  Way back when my high school counselor told me I couldn’t graduate on time (1966) because my grades were poor and needed more credits.  This was a great blow and yes, I told my parents.  This also meant I needed to go to summer school (yuck).  My counselor explainShowers Past 14x20ed I could participate in the spring graduation ceremony with the rest of my classmates but would receive a blank diploma.  So when the big day came and I was sitting, cap and gown with my graduating class waiting to step up and do our thing.  Luckily I could see the diplomas came in a blue folder.  When my turn came I did my duty, shook the dignitary’s hands and received my blue folder and went back to sit with my classmates.  They  where all opening their blue folders and showing off their diplomas to each other, some were wind-milling them above their heads.   I kept my securely tucked under my arm.  When the excitement died down, the dignitaries started to talk on stage and my class mates started to calm down.   I then got a little curious, what did a blank diploma looked like? I very slowly, very cautiously peeked in the blue folder and saw what looked like the edge of a diplomas.   So I opened the folder a little more to see if it was signed,and ……………………… was signed! I was confused.  After we were let go my parents came down from the bleachers and I told them what I found and asked dad what should I do about summer school?  My dad said with a wave of his hand “so forget summer school and  get the heck out of here.”   From that time on, moving on sounded so simple and thrilling.

Last week I completed the above painting.  I was experimenting with warms in winter landscapes.  Click here to find out more.