Spring Fever March

IMG_1613 (1)Spring Fever March is upon us.  I can’t believe how sunny  and mild it has been around my home in Northern Colorado.  Yes, I know it can change in a blink of an eye back to the dark side.  Yesterday I visited Rocky Mountain National Park, just west of where I live, and found no snow in Moraine Park.  The thirty elk I saw were loving it.  I chose the painting you see on this blog page to represent spring because of the peculiar squeakie green you find on aspen leaves when they first come out.  Later in the season they become a richer, deeper green.  The oil paint mixture I use to capture the spring aspen color is a combination of gray, permanent green and lemon yellow.  The location of the painting is Glacier Creek in Rocky Mountain National Park.  And please, no more snow.  I want to move on.

To find out more about the painting you see here click on the image and it will take you to my web-site georgecollgreatart.com.