Show Updates 6-3-16

Hello from Topeka KA.  Last weekend I did the Prescott AZ art fair, on the grounds of the old courthouse.  Sales were seller with thirteen framed paintings sold.  Thank you Prescott collectors and my friends (Jan, Jim, Wolf, Leslie and Cab) who were such a big help in helping me set up the show and breaking it down.  This weekend I do the Topeka show sponsored by the Mulvane  museum on the grounds of Washburn  University.  Being a Colorado boy I forgot about humidity which I was reintroduces to  somewhere on this side of Kansas.  Everybody sweats here if they are outside.   I have been traveling with with my new trailer Ruby who has air conditioning which I am pitting to good use this trip.  I return home on Monday evening ..  See you down the road.  Here is a px of Ruby.images-30