No Fooling Around 4-1-16

Happy April fools day to you all.  A week ago, here in Colorado we had 14 inches of wet snow and today we have spring and the grass is turning green.  SoI wish we would quit fooling around with  the weather.

For the past seven years I have been teaching  three art classes a week in my studio.  I do this year round except on those weeks I travel to art shows.  I have come to understand that not only do the student benefits form classes but I have also benefited in many way.  I asked my first art teacher “how can I get good quickly”?  She said to “paint from life whenever possible” and “when you get good, teach”.   She was right.  Teaching solidifies my understanding of new techniques and how to apply the new with the basic foundations of good painting (shapes, values, color, edges, etc).   The class room is a an experimental laboratory of discovery for the student and me too.   My style is forever adapting and changing because of it.

Here is a spring painting of Michigan Creek  13×28 near Walden Colorado.  Click here to see more about the painting.

Michigan Creek  13x28