Jury Duty

I know jury duty is my civic duty and I look forward to doing my part but the timing is always bad.  I was summoned for today, April 20th.  This is also a day that I teach class all day and I had to cancel that.  I woke up on-time, anticipating my drive to the Larimer Co. courthouse.  As I woke up my wife reminded me to call the courthouse to see if I was excused.  I thought, fat chance of that happening knowing my luck.  I called the courthouse and maneuvered through the recorded voices to the right spot and found that jury # 254o was in fact excused.  Wow, I felt like a kid getting a snow day.  So I hung out in the studio and finished the painting you see here.  I started it with my students yesterday and really enjoyed working out the details today.  The reference is one I took last year in Rocky Mt. National Park.  I will name it Last Snow In Shadow.  Click her to find out more about my paintings click here.

Shadow SnowIMG_2091 (1)_edited-1