Its Show Season

Yes its time IMG_2219to hit the road and do art show.  Summer is the time that many of us artists travel to art fairs to show and sell our art.  In a few weeks I will be heading out for three shows back to back weekends.  The first, Memorial Day weekend will be Prescott, AZ, then Topeka, KA and finally the second weekend in June theDenver Arts Student League show.  Choosing the right show is a financial gamble.  There is no guarantee that we will be going home with a pay check in our pocket but if we do our home work we usually come out ok.  For instance, good shows can go bad.  I used to do well in the Breckenridge forth of July show.  Then they moved the show up the hill and hid it in a shopping area not visible form the main street.  Along with the art show, Breckenridge will host a parade, bike race and gosh knows what else that weekend.  When the art show is not the main event, artists loose out.  Then there are new shows which seem to be gathering steam.  The July show in Chessman Park, Denver is in its third or fourth year and gaining momentum.  Then there are the old stand by’s that consistently do well such as the Denver Art Students League.  We usually sell well and get to see all our old friends from our student days at the League.  But nothing is for certain.  Old mother nature can rain us out. There are no refunds for our entry fees which can be from $250 to $600.  Yes we are a little crazy to be in this business but when things go right we sell a lot of paintings.  This season will be a great year and wish me luck.

Above is a new painting that you can find out more about by clicking here.