Cabin Fever February

CaWind River Lake Outlet 10x20bin Fever February

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Hello to all. Cabin fever is a February event but in Colorado it is offset by sunny days. I am looking forward to hitting the road and heading south. In March, I do art fairs in New Mexico and Texas shows in April and May. Then, Kansas and Colorado shows in June. Along the way I choose the most scenic routes and paint along the way. Last year I cut back the number of road shows and got more time doing fieldwork and studio painting. I feel like I am one of the few fine artists still doing art fairs. Most art fairs have turned into craft show.

New painting style

Last Fall I realized that my paintings needed something new. I was turning out good work and selling art but I needed something new and luckily I discovered two new techniques.  The first was incorporating more grays in the landscapes. I know grays were very important and I used them a lot but now I use them more. I changed form mixing a gray when it was needed to mixing four gray mixtures (two warm two cools) at the beginning of the painting. Now I am dipping into the gray piles a lot more. It has made a big difference. The second was using a pallet knife more. I had pallet knives but I primarily used the brushes. I forced myself to use the knives more and the first few paintings really turned out good. There is nothing like instant results to get me going down a new path. Now I can see the difference these tools have had on my paintings. I like where I am going. Hope on board.  The outlet painting you see here is is example of the new techniques.  Click on the image to see more.